Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Soapbox - The Glamorous Blog of the Omani Ladies

Blog: Soapbox
URL: http://soapbox03.blogspot.com
Contributors: Noor, Tia, and Sam.

A great example of that fuzzy nature of the random web is Soapbox, the latest craze in the Omani blogsphere. At first instance, Soapbox might look like another girl gang blog, in which several female members contribute collectively to post in a weblog, which is actually a true fact of Soapbox, but this time, our ladies gang in question has added their own twist and took a much more interesting approach by writing each of their entries together, and by together I mean that each and every one of the three females members contributes in a relay manner to create those rich posts with three different points of view on each of the topics discussed. The soapbox is still a fresh weblog with only six entries at the moment I write this, lets hope the ladies don't stop to blog any time soon.