Monday, May 02, 2005

Bloggers4Oman Review 5

Blog Review 21 – MiniCabrio

Mrs. minicabrio lets her heart out at her blog, holding back no punches. This is a very personal and intimate diary. In fact it started off from day one with a romantic account of her and hubby “Neo” from Valentines Day, Neo being the manager and owner of, a popular discussion forum.


Title: Valentines Day

Gift time, I got those nifty valentine stuff and a rose and small speech from my hubby, babbling how was the last 8 years of our lives together were the best time of his life and bla, bla, bla. For or a moment there I felt a tear generating, than I gain I had the flu, so nope!. I think he noticed that I was not impressed with his speech, and he gave me that sad look and I told him Honey, you had me at “I love you” so stop the speech propaganda, you weren’t of a romantic person anyway, so don’t start now.


And finally my hubby said “Honey, you do know that this day has no meaning to me, I love you the same every single second and minutes and hours and days, I just craved Tum Yum Kon Soup today and the fact that it happened in Valentines day is just a coincidence, you complete me” That sentence did bring tears in my eyes and sure as hell it wasn’t the flu

posted by Mini_Cabrio @ 7:23 AM Wednesday, February 16, 2005

And that was very much a pointer of things to come and her signature throughout the past 4 month since this blogs inception, providing a vivid, passionate and honest diary of her daily life at home, work and on general issues of interest.

This blog has also generated a little fan club at, where it is posted regularly. Most of the replies and comments to published blogs can be found there.

Blog Review 20 – Kamakazi

This is probably the only Omani blog that admirably starts off with a brief yet informative introduction to the blogger in person, as opposed to only having his thoughts and an inference on the person through their writings. Nevertheless, is relatively inactive, as Kamakazi concentrates on his work and studies for an associate degree, it seems.


Title: Just an update

We also started work on our Independent IT Infrastructure Project officially yesterday. We had a kickoff meeting with the service provider and installed a new 42U Rack Cabinet. We also purchased 2 new Dell PowerEdge 2850 2U servers. They would be for the back-end Exchange and the front-end Exchange servers. We will also be configuring an ISA server as well as Cisco PIX firewall and which would double as a remote access and VPN connectors.The cabinet comes with a 15" LCD screen, keyboard and track ball. It's all Dell and it's all beautiful. We also purchased a 6000w UPS that weights a ton. That will be supplying uninterrupted power to all the servers, screen and switches.

posted by Ahmed Kamakazy at
3:33 PM Thursday February 14th 2005

Ahh..! As you can see, Kamakazi is very deeply into IT and Computer Science. He’s actually been switching his Majors at College from one to the other and so forth, starting off with a degree in CS than a degree in both IT and CS, then only a minor in IT. And only a few months before he finishes, he mentions he’s changing back to Computer Science, which is what he’s been taking from the start…! The confusion of the American system and undergraduates….. Many of us who have already been there understand. At least Kamakazi knows his IT stuff first hand.

Kamakazi is also the Assistant Administrator of, a popular discussion forum. I mention this because you can, more or less, trace back most Omani bloggers who have active and friendly blogs to English Sabla members, with Omanforum members way back in second place. Other than these bloggers, you’d be hard pressed to find active groups of Omani friends or family members with blogs, though more must exist. And then you have the foreigners who previously lived, have connections or are still in Oman, those are much harder to track down, especially if they’re not in English or Arabic.

Oh.. and don’t miss Batloot, the alleged “anonymous random person”. You’d need to look very “deep inside” to find the message in his writings…!?


Title: Meat

What the hell is meat? It is a food dammit, stick it in your mouth and chew on it. How often do we eat it? Just on Fridays. But I prefer chicken. Meat rhymes with feet but does not relate at all. Feet has meat on it, but would not advise you to eat!

By: Batloot

posted by Ahmed Kamakazy at 2:12 PM

Very very deep inside….! And don’t expect to find anything.

Blog Review 19 – ArabPearl

Arab Pearl doesn’t really know why she created, but she’s kept up her blog with regular interesting posts on her “not so spectacular” life, as she puts it. In fact Arab Pearl touches on some fascinating issues, with a very lucid account of her daily life. I liked her post on “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, even if it was a cut and paste. Nevertheless, her deep analysis of interpersonal relationships involving her friends is insightful and astute.


Title: The more you hate, the more you love

If a person gets on your nerves, it's because there's a cesspool of intense emotions bubbling beneath the surface. Everything from his foot tapping to his off - key singing has you bursting with exasperation, frustration and irritation. Annoyingly enough, your friends find it amusing. "This is where i stood in the picture." They say you've got chemistry... "chemistry my foot!" hehe.. yup, that's the sort of response i got, complete denial about it. or the "It's too bad he's soo full 0f himself- he would have been exactly my type." response.

Somehow there always was an excuse to cover up the real feeling. However, the truth is, his comments make her laugh. and it's nice how his eyes get all crinkly when he smiles. she convinces herself it's nothing- she "hate him", he hates her. So why is it can't she stop thinking about him? and why does she suddenly find herself enjoying their little arguments? has the fine line between teasing and flirting magically disappeared? admit it.... the impossible has happened- "you've fallen for your worst enemy, and the funny thing is, he has fallen for you too"

posted by Arab Pearl at 4:25 PM Saturday, March 05, 2005

She truly expresses her self wonderfully, whether it’s an account of her work, holidays or feelings about life in general, very deep feelings, for which she truly puts in an effort to relay her thoughts to fellow bloggers.


Title: Rain, Thunder, Lightning

Very Un-Omani weather i must say. Left to work this morning and couldn't help but notice the cloudy weather, Awful, i must say. I know, you may think.. WHAT?! Oman experiences heat for most of the year, what are you complaining about?!

Well, i may despise the weather when its hot, however, i do miss the sunshine when its cloudy, especially when we see more cloud then sun in two months. Uh, Uh, that's not my kind of weather, no sir.

posted by Arab Pearl at 5:59 PM Saturday, January 29, 2005

Here is an extremely rare occasion of an Omani complaining about the rain…! I’d like “Arab Pearl” to look back at those comments today, as we start the unforgiving simmering summer season in earnest. She did however thank Allah for the rain he blessed us with, but we need more and more and more rain in Oman, until the mountains turn green and we’re forced to change our car tires to avoid slipping……